What is aqua4terra®?

aqua4terra® as the main storage medium, biologically based, stores water to deliver these to the plants' roots.

Rain and all other kinds of liquids are storaged in aqua4terra®.

We do combine this wonderful product with a biodegradable film to reach a minor water loss.


Up to 95%

A water saving up to 95% is possible with aqua4terra® longlife.

So it's not only easier to farm arid areas but also less expensive than trying to farm with more water.


What is aqua4terra® longlife?

aqua4terra® works even more efficiently with longlife because this biodegradable-film enhances the process of storing water.

The biodegradable longlife film offers water storaged medium aqua4terra® the best support, as these stores the excess water to potentially aqua4terra® accommodates this. Thereby wasting water drops to a very low level.


Latest Projects

Golf courses, greenhouses, beach promenades, large-scale gardens (Arab world) and many other projects. Moreover, we try to encourage the agriculture in arid areas.

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